Aurabox 2.0™ Bluetooth Speaker

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App-enabled, animated, and amazing! Built with a powerful 5 Watt Bluetooth speaker, smooth animations with many color options, this innovative device comes with a digital creative palette, social media desktop notification system, a smart alarm and more. The AuraBox 2.0’s™ new and improved app allows you to share designs with friends. Use the Aurabox 2.0™ to inspire, create and connect to your daily life in a way that ignites your imagination. 

  • Bluetooth, 33 Ft. wireless range
  • 6+ Hrs of audio playtime, 5 watt speaker
  • Built-in microphone, thermometer, smart alarm clock, games and more
  • Chat function so you can send other users messages and images
  • Interactive app available for free download -- Apple or Android 
  • On speaker controls 
  • Includes charging & auxiliary cord

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