About The Weekend Gentleman



chiv·al·ry | \ ˈshi-vəl-rē  \

plural chivalries

Definition of chivalry

  1. gallant or distinguished gentlemen
  2. the qualities of the ideal knight : chivalrous conduct

    chivalry demanded of him that he be conspicuous through his gallant, courteous, and generous behavior 
    —H. W. Van Loon
The Weekend Gentleman pledges to bring back class and sophistication to the modern man & woman.

Our goal to achieve this is by providing the tools, information, products and services to the men and women who want more from life. We strive to find the highest quality products to provide gentlefolk with all the tools they need to be successful at work, home, and at play.

A gentleman can have all these tools at his disposal but if he doesn't show respect, civility, and grace, it means nothing. The Weekend Gentleman provides recommendations on clothing, gear, grooming, tech, alcohol, tobacco, decor, music, and tips on being a distinguished gentleman.

We will guide you through the steps of how to become a respected gentleman in your community, elevate friendships, and supercharger your relationships. Our long-term goal is to build a network of clubs across the country where well-dressed men and women can gather, discuss the topics of the day, drink whiskey, smoke a cigar, and have mutual respect for one another.

We all may remember a time when men wore suits, used proper etiquette, and said hello to strangers on the street. We are so glued to our electronic devices we fail to look up anymore and appreciate the world around us. Unlike today's generation of likes, shares, and Instagram filters, we strive for something more. Let us get back to basics and redirect this dumpster fire. Join our movement.