Cody Road Rye Review

Cody Road Rye Review

Brand: Cody Road Rye

Mississippi River Distilling Co.


Profile: Sweet, spicy, hints of wood and butterscotch

Average Price: $35

Location: Can be found mainly in the Midwest

What the "DISTILLER" says:

In 1846, William “Buffalo Bill” Cody was born in Le Claire, Iowa. During his storied life, he was regarded as a regular purveyor of whiskey. Legend has it that rye whiskey was his spirit of choice. So we had to make a rye!

Handmade from 100% local rye purchased from Dave and Jim Wherry in Fulton, Illinois. Our rye is a unique spirit that showcases the wonderful spiciness of this one-of-a-kind grain along with the delicate fruitiness that is often lost in rye whiskies. Rye is known for being a bold and spicy grain. We distill it very cleanly so you can experience a sweet fruitiness that is unexpected from rye. Then the signature spiciness will linger in the back of your mouth. Let it set in the glass for a few minutes and taste the complexities of rye as they soar from your glass.

Perfect for classic cocktailing, the signature sweetness of this whiskey is a perfect compliment for many per-Prohibition cocktail recipes that were invented when rye whiskey was king.

We pride ourselves in the hard work that goes into each barrel of whiskey. We pride ourselves in the hard work that goes into each grain of our locally grown rye. Now, we're proud of the fine flavor of a truly unique rye whiskey. We hope you take pride in sharing some with your friends and raising a glass to one of America's greatest heroes. We like to think Buffalo Bill would be proud of it too. Enjoy a new stroll down Cody Road today!


What "THE CHAIRMAN" says:

Rating: 5/5


Welcome ladies and gentleman to my first whiskey review. I am honored to have the opportunity to share my opinion on one of my favorite whiskeys. Yes, that is one hell of a statement to make. Hear me out won't you? I met Cody Road Rye one day perusing my local liquor store. Being a design freak I was drawn to the bottle design and vintage label. The price was right, so I pulled the trigger and made my purchase.

Later that night I had some colleagues and friends over to sample some new whiskeys. I was anxious to sample this newly discovered rye whiskey. I opened the bottle, poured it on ice (always 3 cubes) and let it sit for a hot minute. Allowing it to just get the right mix of water and whiskey, I took a sip. Expecting to get a taste of diesel fuel and nail polish I was pleasantly surprised. The taste was like something I never had tasted before. The taste of rye was predominate and strong in this one. The aftertaste was a smooth mixture of sweet and woody flavors (I am doing my best to not sound pretentious here). After my initial drink, I stood firmly embracing for that burn. It never came. What the deuce? It was love at first swallow. Let’s keep it clean here people. You know what I mean.

I’m not going to sit here and tell you it has hints of this, an aroma of that, or some orgasmic tongue experience. I invite you to try it yourself and report back. I have consumed 100’s of rye whiskeys. Some notable favorites are Whistle Pig, Angel's Envy and FEW Rye Whiskey, but for the price and taste, Cody Road Rye is king.

I say this with 100% honestly that to this day Cody Road Rye is still my drink of choice. The price is right, the taste is smooth and I will be buried with a bottle when I leave this earth in 200 years. I may possibly buy one of their distilling tanks and preserve myself till the end of days like a frog in biology class.

I do have one very serious complaint to make to the Cody Road people. Remember that bottle I told you I was drawn to. THEY CHANGED IT. I am sure there is some logistics excuse to why they did, but COME ON. That bottle was beautiful. Now it is just another face in the whiskey crowd (sad violin noise). I was so upset when I saw it I posted a complaint on their Facebook page like a typical douche bag would do. I told them I was upset, needed time to cope, will drink more Cody Road to ease the pain. They responded with, “change is good”. I disagree. See below how sexy the original bottle was. I saved a couple bottles for my collection. Cheers!



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